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Dr. Charles Asch has studied cello with among the foremost cello pedagogues, including Hans Jorgen Jensen, Richard Aaron, Tanya Remenikova and Jaap ter Linden. His cello students are placed in all level of the Greater Twin Cities Youth Orchestras, and he teaches a number of advanced high school and adult learners as well. Cello lessons are focused on placing the left hand fingers in a consistent pattern, and on the bow drawing a consistent course on the string to draw a beautiful tone. Preparing pieces for studio classes and for recitals are important, as well as audition preparation for orchestral, solo and chamber music programs. 
Dr. Asch teaches cello lessons at Mount Calvary Academy of Music in Excelsior, as well as in lesson studios in Long Lake and Delano, MN, as well as via video.  Please get in contact on the above link to set up a lesson time. 

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